Boxing Superstar Hector 'Macho' Camacho Dies From Gunshots 1Hector ‘Macho’ Camacho, an electrifying and flamboyant boxer who rose from Spanish Harlem in New York to become a sensation inside the ring, has died from multiple gunshot wounds in Puerto Rico. He was 50.

He died Saturday (Nov. 23) after being shot in the head Tuesday (Nov. 20) in a drive-by shooting, while sitting in a car with a friend.

He was taken to the hospital and pronounced brain dead. He died shortly after being taken off of life support, according to Dr. Ernesto Torres, director of the Centro Medico trauma center in San Juan.

His companion, Adrian Mojica Moreno, 49, had a long criminal history and cocaine was found on his possession and in the car. He died at the scene, of what might have been a botched robbery attempt. The shooters remain at large, according to The New York Times .

Camacho complied a impressive record of 79 wins against six losses and three draws, and was considered unstoppable during the height of his career. He fought during an era of superstar welterweights that included Sugar Ray Leonard, Felix Trinidad, Oscar De La Hoya, Roberto Duran and Hugo Cesar Chavez.

One of his most memorable fights was against Chavez in Las Vegas in 1992. Camacho lost the fight but it was a brutal battle. He also ended Leonard’s comeback attempt with a furious knockout.

Camacho grew up on the tough streets of Spanish Harlem in New York and could never escape his background. He was a petty criminal until a turn in jail redirected him and he began to box. His talent and tenaciousness were obvious from the start. He went on to win three Golden Gloves championships as an amateur.

He was known for his speed and furious non-stop punching in the ring and a lifestyle that was just as fast outside the ring. He battled drugs and alcohol for most of his life and was arrested in 2007 for breaking into a store in Mississippi.

He traveled between Puerto Rico and Florida after finally retiring in 2010, and appeared on Spanish-language television. He is survived by his ex-wife, Amy, and two children.