Sarah Hyland, resident hottie on “Modern Family,” would rather be a role model than a sex symbol, but does a pretty good job at the latter in new photos for Complex magazine.

It’s not that she has anything against sex, or being a sex symbol. She just realizes if you try to hard, you’ll only bring yourself down.

“Sex has become so publicized,” the 22-year-old actress tells the magazine. “If you’re sexy to begin with, being a sex symbol comes with that. But by putting yourself out there as a sex symbol, you’re taking a step backward for women.”

Sarah Hyland Sexuality Sells Itself

Hyland is also the best reason yet to stick with those trombone lessons. She’ll thinks musicians are “sensitive” and would want to date one. If you’re a frat guy, go have another beer.

“I never went to college, so I’ve never actually met a frat guy. All the frat guys I know are from television and movies, and they always seem like assholes who cheat on girls,” she says.

“I’m sure there are some amazing frat guys out there, but I know musicians, and they’re always a good choice. They’re artistic.”

Fortunately, Hyland says narcissism is also not her thing. She realizes that social media is like staring in a mirror all day.

“Twitter is awesome to share news with fans, but I would never choose to only have social media and put everything in my life on display,” she says. “I never look at my personal Facebook page. I made an Instagram account for myself, but I only have one picture on it.”

In that case, check out these photos and the video, then click over to Complex. But before you go click here to follow TheImproper on Twitter. Help keep the Internet free.

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