Lady Gaga Goes to Bat for Lindsay Lohan, Liz & Dick (watch!) 1Lady Gaga knows how the snarky web can hurt. That’s why she has nothing but praise for Lindsay Lohan’s performance in the Lifetime movie “Liz & Dick.” Meanwhile, it’s become the movie everyone loves to hate.

The 26-year=old actress, who has spent more time in court than on a sound stage in the last five years, was counting on “Liz & Dick” to be her bootstrap back onto the Hollywood A-List.

Lohan played Elizabeth Taylor during her tumultuous two marriages to English actor Richard Burton (Grant Bowler), arguably one of the best classically trained actors of his time.

Instead, she can’t cut a break. There’s no question the actress was uneven in her portrayal. She never really captured Taylor like Meryl Streep captured Margaret Thatcher in her movie “The Iron Lady.” But that’s why Streep has multiple Oscars.

Still, Lohan could have done her homework. At times, she looks the part; at other times she looks like she’s wearing a Halloween costume. And, her poor representation of Taylor’s unique accent also detracted from the movie.

But the real problem was a screwy script that used Lohan and counterpart Bowler as their characters to provide a narrative line for the movie.

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The cheesy plot device was necessary because the movie covered more than a decade of their lives, which proved to be another problem.

As soon as a scene started developing, it was on to the next snippet. Better to have zeroed in one compelling part of their lives, like “My Week With Marilyn” did with Marilyn Monroe. After all, the story here was in the telling, and that required more detail to pull off.

“The Iron Lady” suffered from the same problem. To cover Thatcher’s long life and career in office, the director used flashbacks with Streep mostly playing an aged and addled character near the end of her life.

In any event, Gaga gave Lohan some words of encouragement on twitter. “@lindsaylohan you did a beautiful job on Liz & Dick, Let no one bring u down, Liz didn’t, they always try to knock you down a few pegs.”

At least Lohan got through the filming and the film actually aired as planned. It’s all up from her for the “Mean Girls” star.

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