Kim Kardashian has become the latest affront to draw Islamic hardliners into Bahrain’s streets. They denounced her presence in the country yesterday, forcing police to disperse the crowd with teargas.

Kardashian is visiting Bahrain and Kuwait to promote a chain of milkshake stores, but she added a political spin to the trip after a recent gaff outraged both Arabs and Israelis.

During recent fighting in Gaza, Kardashian Tweeted sympathy for Israel. She drew protests from Arab fans for taking sides in the conflict. She tried to make amends by expressing the same thoughts for Arabs living in what she referred to as “Palestine.” That outraged Israelis.

The Jewish state as well as the United States and other countries have never recognized Palestine as a nation. The term is used by Arab extremists as another name for Israel, although Palestine has never existed as a nation.

Hardline Islamists, who protest frequently in Bahrain, gathered outside the Millions of Milkshakes shop just before Kardashian was scheduled to appear to promote the shop’s grand opening, according to The Associated Press.

Protesters chanting “God is Great” were hastily cleared out by police before Kardashian showed up. Her visit to Kuwait also drew similar complaints because of her unsavory reputation.

“Her values clash with our traditions as a religiously committed people,” Kuwaiti preacher Mohammad Al Tabtabai, complained to The Gulf News, an English-language newspaper. “Her visit could help spread vice among our youth.”

Kardashian, who is of Armenian descent, caused another diplomatic uproar last year when she covered the April issue of Cosmopolitan magazine’s Turkish edition. Armenians widely considered it an affront, because the month is set aside for the somber remembrance of Armenians killed by a Turkish genocide during World War I.

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