Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson fears he may end up like Leonardo DiCaprio now that the long-running “Twilight” saga has come to an end. It’s something he’s prepared to live with.

Even as he sees his career moving in a different direction, he acknowledged that he will never be able to fully escape the film saga.

“I’m curious to see. I remember when I was doing [New Moon], I was thinking it was going to be ten years before it kind of settles.

I think it’s four years into that ten years now,” he told Fantastico, a Brazilian entertainment website, in a particularly reflective interview.

“You can look at big things that happened in the past, like ‘Titanic.’ I mean [Leonardo] diCaprio has done so many movies, huge, huge movies…how long ago was that, like, 14 or 15 years ago. And, like, I see him doing interviews now, every interview, somebody is mentioning ‘Titanic.’

“It’s really, really crazy when something connects with so many people.”

Rob says he doesn’t really see “Twilight” saga as his films, even though he starred in the series as Edward Cullen opposite Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan.

“It’s weird as well, when they seem like they exist independently to you. It’s not like I’m saying ‘This is my movie go and watch it.’ In a lot of ways, it’s owned by the fans of it,” he explained. “There’s a separation between it.

“Whereas, if you do a little movie that no one’s going to see unless you see it, it’s a different energy.”

Rob says it’s difficult for anybody to find a movie the size of “Twilight,” and lots of big movies don’t appeal to him. “I didn’t always want to be an actor, so I don’t want to act in anything; I want to be in the movies that I would buy before I started acting,” he says.

Generally, there’s about 30 directors who I want to work with, and I want to do things which are dangerous and cutting edge.”

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