Kristen Stewart looked like she could put a vampire bite on someone at the Vanity Fair screening for her new film “On the Road.” She wore a super chic outfit that was casual but still fashionable, from her tight leather pants to her flame red lipstick.

She capped off her outfit with a gray and black blazer, and drew comparisons to her hot vampire character in “Breaking Dawn, Part 2.”

Stewart, 22, has been putting extra effort into promoting the indie film and some have speculated that it could land her an Oscar nod.

Kristen Stewart Dazzles in Black Leather
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But the film only received so-so reviews when it was screen at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year, so it remains to be seen how well it will do at the box office and at awards programs.

Kristen, however, is doing everything she can to make sure people know about it. She’s already hit premieres in New York and Los Angeles. The film hits theaters Dec. 21.

The Vanity Fair party, held at the George Lucas’s Skywalker Ranch outside San Francisco. Co-star Garrett Hedlund and girlfriend Kirsten Dunst, who also appears in the picture, were there. Stewart’s beau Robert Pattinson, was a no show.

But the “Twilight” duo were spotted partying hard at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles following the LA premiere of the movie Dec. 6.

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