Kristen Stewart raised eyebrows when her cover photo in Marie Claire’s Australian edition looked overly photoshopped, but the magazine makes up for it with what looks like the “Twilight” star’s hottest photo shoot yet.

Kristen, who’s back full-on with Robert Pattinson, will cover the magazine’s January 2013 issue, which hits the streets later this month down under.

But TheImproper has a sneak peak of her photo shoot and Stewart, 22, pushes the envelope on sexuality beyond anything she’s ever done.

She proves she isn’t kidding in the risque shoot.

Kristen Stewart Pushes Limit on Sexuality

The Raven-haired beauty is photographed wearing a black cocktail dress with see-through top and sleeves. She’s pictured tugging on one of her thigh-high black stockings with her legs seductively crossed. Is she putting it on or taking it off?

Her eyes are dark and smoky looking and her hair is swept back and high like a ’60s Hollywood sex siren. It flows behind her back on one shoulder and tumbles down the front on another.

She’s looking away from the camera with her head cocked to one side with a serious look on her face.

The magazine has drawn some fire for Kristen’s look on the cover. The photo appears to have been substantially digitally altered.

The “Twilight” stars talks frequently about taking chances and being challenged. She certainly isn’t kidding. Stewart is trying to distance herself from her straight-laced character Bella Swan in “Twilight.” She scores big time in these photos. Can’t wait to see more.

Check her out above and click here to follow TheImproper on Twitter for more Kristen Stewart updates you can trust.

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