Kristen Stewart Tells Jon Stewart How She Lost Her Inhibitions (watch!) 1Kristen Stewart walked out on the set of Jon Stewart’s “Daily Show” and the first question out of the comedian’s mouth was “How did you do it.” What the hell was he talking about?

Well, it wasn’t her cheating scandal with “Snow White and the Huntsman” Director Rupert Sanders, or her miraculous reconciliation with cold-cocked boyfriend Robert Pattinson.

He wasn’t even talking about her saucy nude scene in “On the Road.” He wanted to know how she could just let loose in the dance scene from her new film.

“I would think the hardest thing to do in acting is dance,” he proffered. “Like just be uninhibited. I can barely do it at parties when I’m hammered.”

“You know, this is just me, most of the time,” joked Stewart, who is known for her reticence about being in the public eye. “You’re doing ‘On the Road,’ don’t mess it up… I think that was the main thing,” she added.

Stewart revealed that she was “pretty scared of that scene,” because the times when she gets to exhibit pure, wild, nature exuberance are pretty few and far between.

The “Twilight” star said she has been a big fan of “On the Road” since she read Jack Kerouac’s Beat Generation bible as a freshman in high school. She said would have done anything to be involved in the picture, which has been in the works for years. She first accepted the role when she was 17. “It was my first favorite book. For a lot of people I really came a live [after reading it].”

It was a pretty low key interview. Stewart, Jon that is, wasn’t looking to rake up any muck, and Stewart, Kristen, that is, probably wasn’t interested in revealing any.

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