Kate Middleton Nurse Suicide Related to Hospital, Not Shock Jocks 1Jacintha Saldhana, the nurse at Kate Middleton’s hospital who committed suicide, was more distraught by her co-workers than the Australian shock jocks who tricked her into thinking they were members of the royal family.

Mel Greig and Michael Christian, the DJs at 2Day FM in Sydney who pulled the prank, apologized profusely for what they thought was a harmless joke and have since been taken off the air.

But Saldhana, 46, the duty nurse at King Edward VII Hospital, where the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge was staying because of severe morning sickness, was more distraught over the treatment she received from hospital staff, according to one of three suicide notes she left behind.

Saldhana unwittingly patched the DJ’s phone call through to Kate’s private nurse after they identified themselves as the Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles, the father of Kate’s husband Prince William.

The DJs were able to obtain intimate details about Kate’s condition and the Royal family was upset by the breach of privacy

Salddhana, the mother of two, hanged herself with a scarf in the nurse’s quarters of the hospital. She left behind two other notes, one of which details her funeral arrangements. The contents of the second note has not been revealed.

Saldhana’s family in India has demand an inquiry by the hospital, according to British newspapers.

Whether this will change the fate of the Aussie DJs is unknown. While they initiated the prank, which is commonly done by radio shock jocks, it appears Saldhana did not blame them for her death. Click here to follow TheImproper on Twitter for all of the latest updates on her death.