An eagle swoops down and seemingly snatches a child. Real or simulated? Check it out inside.

An eagle swoops down and seemingly snatches a child. Real or simulated? Check it out inside.

A dramatic video of an eagle swooping out of a Canadian sky and grabbing a toddler was just a little too dramatic to be true. A Montreal design college owned up to the prank, but not before the video went viral and drew more than 5 million viewers.

A number of major websites also posted the video in the belief it was true only to run follow ups reporting that it was the work of some clever students using computer generated images as part of a project.

Titled “Golden Eagles Snatches Kid,” the video was posted today (Dec. 19).

It follows a bird as it soars over a Montreal park, makes a diving right hand turn and grabs a sitting child from behind. The eagle takes off with the toddler in its talons, flying a few feet into the air before dropping its prey.

To the untrained eye, the video appeared to be real. By-standers rushed to the child’s aid, including the person allegedly shooting the video. But the design school, Centre NAD, released a statement revealing the clever illusion.

“Both the eagle and the kid were created in 3D animation and integrated in to the film afterwards,” the center said in a statement under the headline: “Centre Nad Reassures Montrealers: No Danger of Being Snatched by a Royal Eagle.”

If anything, the video was ill-timed given the recent tragedy in Newtown, Conn., where a crazed gunman killed 20 children and six adults in an elementary school massacre.

The students who created the video, identified as Normand Archambault, Loïc Mireault and Félix Marquis-Poulin, submitted it as a project in their simulation workshop class, which is a requirement for their Bachelors degree in 3D Animation and Digital Design.

Not everyone was fooled by the footage. Some viewers posted messages call it out as a fake for a number of reasons.

Although the video drew a lot attention, the skeptics were out early. Check it out and see for yourself.

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