AmandaSeyfried-ConanAmanda Seyfried tells Conan O’Brien about the sex scenes in her new film about porn star Linda Lovelace. They include a controversial scene where she performs fellatio (clinical term for oral sex) on co-star Peter Sarsgaard.

“I’m just curious. How do you play a porn star without the film being incredibly explicit,” the carrot-topped talk show host asked.

“Well, you don’t actually have sex… on film,” she explained.

You should write that down,” interjected co-host Andy Richter.

“Yeah, this is not the way I would have gone, but I’m not directing, Conan replied, or feigned.

Lovelace is famous for the movie “Deep Throat,” which was about her ability to peform oral sex. Needless to say, the part called on Seyfried to do the same thing, or at least fake it.

“We had to do some oral sex, so I used a Popsicle,” she explained. “Which is great, because it would make my lips wet and inflamed,” she said to titters, then laughter from the audience.

Honestly, I can’t believe I went that far just now. I’m sorry,” the 27-year-old blushed.

“My soul just left my body,” O’Brien replied.

Seyfried has more experience with on-screen nudity than her young Hollywood contemporaries thanks to her 2009 role in the movie “Chloe.” A look back at that film shows her at her erotic best. Check it out here.

Seyfried finally suggested switching the subject to her latest film “Les Miserables,” which was another whole trip, she said.

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