KimKardashian-TemptationKim Kardashian is finally a real actress. She appears in a couple of quick shots in a new trailer for Tyler Perry’s “Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor” a steamy romance. Fortunately, Kim doesn’t have to stray too far out of character.

The reality television queen plays Ava, yes, a real stage name, who works at a marriage counseling/dating service.

Also starring in the film are Vanessa Williams, Lance Gross, up-and-comer Eric West and singer/actress Brandy Norwood, sister of Kim’s sex tape partner Ray J., aka William Ray Norwood Jr.

Even Jerry Stiller is cast in a role. (Maybe, this is a Seinfeld episode).

It’s hard to say, judging from the trailer, how much screen time Kardashian, 32, will get. But it’s clear the part doesn’t strain her limited acting talents.

She basically plays a clothes horse much like real life, that is, reality life. But that voice! Couldn’t they do something about that? She still sounds like she’s talking through a tin can.

The heavy lifting in the movie is handled by Jurnee Smollett, who plays a marriage counselor. She falls for a high-rolling, high-flying mogul with fancy cars, swimming pools and private jets. Wasn’t this a Simpsons episode? You know, Marge is seduced by software billionaire Artie Ziff?

In any event, the plot is much the same. Jurnee has been faithfully married to her man for six years; she known for 19 years. But the fizzle is gone. The lout forgets her birthday, again, twice! And, he seems more interested in football.

That leaves the door open for the smooth-talking mogul, who drops in on the agency in search an investment. Kim’s part calls on her to give Jurnee a total makeover, something she’s also not unfamiliar with.

Needless to say there’s a lot of back and forth, steamy makeout sessions and ultimately a seduction that goes horribly wrong.

The film heads to theaters in 2013. Check out the trailer below and click the button to follow TheImproper on Twitter for all the latest Kim Kardashian updates.