taylorswift-harrystyles-nye-frontTaylor Swift had it all on New Year’s Eve. She rocked out on television, then jumped into the arms of her latest boyfriend, One Direction Brit boy band member Harry Styles. But she’s sure to face some disappointments in the coming year. Will it be her career? Her relationship? Maybe both.

Will it be her career? Or her relationship? Or maybe both.

There’s no question she’s at the top of her game. Her latest album, Red, went through the roof. Her songs have become anthems for young girls everywhere. And, she’s managed to maintain her sparkling image despite dating around like an alley cat.

It’s probably safe to say at 23, she has nowhere to go but down. But there’s more to it than that.

Taylor Swift, Harry Styles New Year’s Kiss

For one, her relationship with Styles is sure to end, and probably soon. He’s only 18 and a long-term relationship can’t be part of his New Year plans. She’s never dated anyone for more than three months.

Harry and the One Direction boys were the big new thing this year, like the Jonas Brothers a few years ago. Everyone want to date them. Swift made a play for Harry, the most desirable, probably to prove she could do it. But, hey, it’s 2013 now.

Behind that sweet smile, Swift is intensely competitive and probably more than a little insecure. Her dating patterns, which now include a Kennedy and an A-List movie star among 13 boyfriends, suggest she needs constant validation.

As for her music, heartbreak has fueled her creative passions. But how many times can she dip into that well, especially since she’s been around the block so many times? She should know better by now.

And, she’s been such a media darling for so long, a reality check is long overdue. So hear’s to Taylor and a stellar 2012. Let’s hope the good times continue to roll, but don’t be surprised if they don’t.

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