TaylorSwift-lanzaTaylor Swift has millions of fans,, but one in particular was obsessed with her. Newtown, Conn. mass murderer Adam Lanza devoted countless hours to a fixation with the country queen, according to federal authorities.

Ever since the 20-year-old gunman shot and killed 26 adults and children at Sandy Hook Elementary School, authorities have been trying to piece together what made him tick.

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They haven’t come up with much, except that he was a bright, troubled loner, who had a love-hate relationship with his mother, barely knew his father and had and explosive, violent temper.

And, he had a huge soft-spot for Swift, the gorgeous blonde singer whose songs are anthems for teens and 20-somethings going through relationship issues.

There is no evidence that he planned to harm Swift, or to even contact her. And, she was totally unaware of him. In fact, Lanza reportedly never had a date, or even talked to girls. But Swift was a centerpiece in his secret world.

“Adam was crazy about Taylor,” a Depart­ment of Justice insider told the National Enquirer.

Adam Lanza

Adam Lanza

“He’d watch her YouTube music vid­eos over and over again, and he read everything he could find about her on­line,” the source said.

“Adam talked about Taylor in chat rooms, mentioning how beautiful he thought she was, especially her golden hair. And he loved the fact that Taylor titled her latest album Red after his favorite color.”

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Lanza and Swift also shared something else in common. They both love video games. “Adam discovered that Taylor had done a game called ‘Band Hero,’” said the source. “He loved her three songs on it: ‘Love Story,’ ‘Picture To Burn’ and ‘You Belong With Me.’ They were soothing to him.”

Celebrity obsessions are not uncommon among social misfits like Lanza, says psychologist and stress expert Dr. Terry Lyles.

“Adam had trouble socializing with his peers, so he stalked Tay­lor in cyber-space, which was a safe venue for him,” he said. “That way, he could control the relationship, but it could not control him.”