kate-bosworth-frontKristen Stewart no longer has a monopoly on Jack Kerouac. Jean-Marc Barr and the luscious Kate Bosworth star in a film adaptation of Kerouac’s autobiographical book “Big Sur,” written after seminal novel “On the Road” shot him to fame.

Stewart, Garrett Hedlund, Sam Riley, Amy Adams, Kirsten Dunst and Viggo Mortensen star in “On the Road.”

Kristen Stewart Not Gunning for ‘On the Road’ Oscar? Guess Again

The Kerouac novel helped ignite the ’50s-era Beat Generation and laid the ground work for the ’60s-era counterculture. It’s a raucous tale about a cross-country journey that’s as much an exploration of self as it is a travelogue.

“Big Sur,” on the other hand, is a more introspective. Kerouac wrote the book after fleeing New York to escape the pressure of his new-found fame. He holes up in a cabin the expansive state park and recounts his time there.

Kristen Stewart Hot New ‘On the Road’ Trailer Released (watch!)

Judging from a new trailer, the film takes full advantage of Big Sur’s breathtaking vistas. Directed by independent filmmaker Michael Polish, the film will star Barr as alter Kerouac’s alter-ego Jack Duluoz, while Josh Lucas co-stars as Cody Pomeray, a nome de plume for Kerouac muse Neal Cassady.

Bosworth plays Willamine “Billie” Dabney, a stand-in for Kerouac’s real life Big Sur girlfriend Jackie Gibson Mercer. Duluoz struggles with a mental and physical breakdown and advancing alcoholism and turns to Billie, who is dating Pomeray, for support.

Kristen Stewart Steals Show at AFI Fest ‘On the Road’ Debut (photos)

The film like “On the Road” has faced numerous delays. It’s expected to screen at the Sundance Film Festival later this month, for which the trailer was produced.

Stewart has spoken passionately about her involvement in “On the Road,” including doing nude scenes. But “Big Sur” may prove to be far more emotionally charged and satisfying as a picture.

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