(Photo: INFDaily)

(Photo: INFDaily)

Taylor Swift and One Direction’s Harry Styles, the least likely celebrity couple to continue dating in 2013, have apparently become the first to call it quits in the new year. They reportedly parted on their Virgin Islands holiday after a major argument.

Swift was spotted leaving her little Harry love spot, the island of Virgin Gorda, while Harry was spotted still in full party mode.

The breakup was reported by London’s Daily Mail. The tabloid claimed to have a source on the island, who confirmed the breakup. TheImproper reported on New Year’s Day that Swift’s relationship would not last.

“They were on holiday and had an almighty row. They are two young stars at the top of their game so who knows what will happen in the future,” the source said.

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The vacation had a romantic beginning. Swift performed on ABC’s “New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest” in New York City. Harry was spotted in the crowd. The two embraced and brought in the New Year with a kiss.

They jetted off to the Virgin Islands, but Swift, 23, cut her stay short after just three days. She arrived on the island Jan. 4.

The Daily Mail published a photo of a forlorn Swift sitting alone in a boat departing the island. Meanwhile, Harry, 18, partied on with his friends on the island and post photos on Instagram. He stay on the island for three more days.

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Frankly, Harry gave the impression he was relieved to be rid of her.

If the reports turn out to be true, Harry will be Swift’s second shortest relationship. She dated “Twilight” star Taylor Lautner the least amount of time. Her relationships, all 14 of them, typically have last about three months each on average.

She’s previously dated John Mayer and Jake Gyllenhaal and had a summer fling with Connor Kennedy, the son of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

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