sethmcfarlane-hitler-oscarsSeth MacFarlane raised eyebrows with a Hitler joke at an otherwise sleepy news conference to announce the Oscar nominations today. He embarrassed the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and insulted two nations in the process.

MacFarlane, the creator of comedy show “Family Guy,” has been picked to host the Oscar presentations this year.

It was the first time since 1972 that the host also announced the nominations. Back then, Charlton Heston pulled double duty.

MacFarlane was aided by young Hollywood actress Emma Stone, “since there is nothing creepier than a guy standing by himself in Hollywood at five in the morning,” he joked.

MacFarlane was scripted to deliver a number of one-liners during the presentation. But it’s unknown whether the Nazi joke was one of them, or whether he ad-libbed it.

In any event, he was announcing a nomination for “Amour,” a foreign film co-produced in Austria and Germany.

“The last time Austria and Germany co-produced something was Hitler.” MacFarlane quipped. “But this is much better.”

“Yes, this is much, much better,” Stone added.

The joke drew nervous twitters from the audience, but the social media site Twitter exploded with derision.

“Seth MacFarlane has already made a Hitler joke. The Academy must be wondering what they’ve gotten themselves into…” wrote one poster.

“I’m sorry, Hitler joke? At #Oscar nominations? Really?”

“If there was an Academy Award for “stupidest use of lazy Hitler joke,” Seth MacFarlane would be on track to win it.”

“When do we as a nation get over our idea that Seth Macfarlane is brilliant?”

No word yet from McFarlane on his Hitler faux pas. watch it below and be sure to follow TheImproper on twitter for all the latest Oscar updates.