pattinson-stewart-BFCA-frontRobert Pattinson’s and Kristen Stewart’s vampire love story has finally won a major critic’s award, no thanks to the critics. “Twilight’s” legion of Twihard fans made it happen at the Critics Choice Awards last night.

Normally, the awards are voted on by the 250 or so members of the Broadcast Film Critics Association. But this year a special category was added for film franchises.

The competition was opened to movie fans, who could vote for their favorite franchise. The nominees include: Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight,” “Harry Potter,” “Indiana Jones,” “James Bond/007,” “Lord of the Rings,” “Spider-Man,” “Star Trek,” “Star Wars,” “Toy Story” and “Twilight.”

All of the films have significant fan bases, but none apparently are quite so dedicated as “Twilight” fans. The same can’t be said about the critics.

All five “Twilight Saga” films have been savaged by critics. They’ve hit everything from the movie’s premise, to its direction and the work of its principal actors, Pattinson and Stewart.

Twilight Breaking Dawn Pt 2 Tops Razzie Noms: Why Critics Hate It

The final film in the series, “Breaking Dawn, Part 2,” hit theaters in November and has proved to be the most successful yet at the box office.

“Breaking Dawn, Part 2” ended up with a less than satisfactory critical rating of 48 percent on, which tracks reviews. Even so, the film grossed $289 million domestically and more than $800 million worldwide at the box office.

A sampling of reviews found that most top critics thought the movie was simply “mundane,” “dull,” “all talk and no action.”

But the fans loved it and showed their appreciation one last time in the Critics Choice vote. Be sure to follow TheImproper for all the latest film and movie updates.