afflect-tonightshowBen Affleck, who just racked up seven critics choice awards including best director and best picture for “Argo,” revealed a startlingly secret. He was told early in his career he would never measure up to being a leading man in movies. Say What?

Affleck made the revelation during an interview with Jay Leno on NBC’s “Tonight Show.”

“This is my favorite thing when you people tell you this,” said Leno. “Like you were told ‘you are not leading man material.'”

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Affleck said it happened while he was testing for an early role on NBC called “Against the Grain” about high school football.

“One of the guys who was running the network at the time was dead opposed to me. Later on the told me the was like, ‘I like the kid, but he’ll never be on the cover of a magazine.'”

But Affleck has scored more than one cover, not to mention an Academy Award and Golden Globe for original screenplay for his hit 1997 movie “Good Will Hunting,” with pal Matt Damon. He’s had a steady career ever since leading up to his directorial debut in “Argo,” in which he also stars.

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He’s already won the Broadcast Film Critics Association Award for Best Director and Best Film. The film has also been nominated for a best picture Oscar, but Affleck was snubbed for best director. He was philosophical about it.

He said it was a “high class problem” given his other nominations. “I’d like be able to fly, too,” he said.

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