Kim Kardashian promoting her Khroma Beauty makeup.

Kim Kardashian promoting her Khroma Beauty makeup.

Kim Kardashian and her sisters have gotten into another fine business mess over their Khroma Beauty line. They allegedly big-footed another cosmetics brand with an oh-so-similar name, “Kroma Makeup.”

Celebrity makeup artist Lee Tillett, who owns the latter makeup brand, is now counter-suing the Kardashian’s and the company that licenses the sister’s line. It’s the second suit filed against the Kardashians over the name.

One thing is certain; Tillett got there first. She launched her brand in 2004, according to the Orlando Sentinel newspaper.

The Kardashians launched their Khroma line late last year.

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What has Tillett peeved is the fact that the Kardashian’s were aware of her brand and went ahead with theirs anyway. If the allegations are true, it’s ab underhanded way to capitalize on another company’s marketing efforts.

The Kardashians appear to be counting on Tillett’s inability to go toe-to-toe in a costly legal challenge. Tillett sent a cease-and-desist copyright infringement letter last year. The licensing company countered with a lawsuit seeking court permission to continue using the name.

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The legal meter running has been running ever since. As a result, Tillett is asking for $10 million in damages.

Los Angeles-based Chroma Makeup Studio, has also filed a lawsuit claiming trademark infringement suit against the Kardashians, according to the newspaper.

In a separate case, the Kardashians have also been named as defendants in a class action for allegedly making false and misleading statements about diet pills Kim endorses.