Rihanna-complex-frontRihanna is all over Complex magazine wearing the bare minimum to keep the magazine on newsstands without a brown rapper. And speaking of brown rapper, apparently Jay-Z engineered the reunion between the Barbadian and rapper Chris Brown.

If that’s true, it was a pure money play. Jay-z better than anyone probably knows the commercial value of their incendiary relationship.

Tyran “Ty Ty” Smith, a co-founder of Roc Nation, tells the magazine that the decision to have Brown and Rihanna sing the sickly sweet lovefest, “Nobody’s Business,” was all about the music, not the media.

Rihanna Unapologetically Rated R in Complex

But the couple’s reunion is a story made in tabloid heaven. Public interest in the couple skyrocketed after their “Birthday Cake” remix, and no doubt so did sales.

It all seems pretty mercenary from the outside looking in. Brown and Rihanna have had a pimp/whore relationship since they got back together. He loves her when he’s with her, and forgets her when he’s not. Otherwise, why would he string along Karrueche Tran?

The love triangle seemingly has no end and that’s probably just how Brown wants it. But when it comes to property, Rihanna belongs to Jay-Z. He signed her and she’s earned millions of dollars in return for his label.

Brown and Rihanna together have been good for business, or you can bet they wouldn’t be together, making music or otherwise. The couple still has their critics and always will. Brown’s 2009 beat-down of the pop star was inexcusable. But right now their just a Greek chorus to the hottest play in town.

As Rihanna makes clear in the article, ain’t nobody’s business… as long as sales are good and the money keeps rolling in, that is.

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