tigerwoods-elinnordegrenTigers Woods is reportedly trying to win back his ex-wife Elin Nordegren. If true the Swedish beauty seems to be counting more on Woods’ love of money rather than her to keep it together the second time around.

To show his sincerity, Woods has reportedly offered the Swedish beauty a guaranteed $200 million pre-nup, but she’s holding out for $350 million, according to The National Enquirer.

If that’s the basis for their reconciliation, good luck to them. What’s left out of the equation are all of Woods’ eccentricities and odd rules he imposed on her during their marriage.

Seems like no amount of money would be worth putting up with that, which makes this story seem highly speculative.

Elin, 33, recently split from her wealthy financier boyfriend, Jamie Dingman, so she’s back on the market and looking finer than ever. She was recently photographed in the Bahamas looking tone and taut in a bikini.

Woods hasn’t been publicly linked with anyone either, although it’s hard to say who he’s been horn-dogging with. Their marriage broke up after Woods was caught cheating on his wife while she stayed home minding their two kids, Samantha, five, and Charlie, three.

He allegedly bedded more than a dozen women during their marriage, mostly hookers, party girls, waitresses and even the daughter of his next door neighbor.

Tiger is said to be worth an estimated $600 million, according to The Enquirer. That means Elin is angling for about half his fortune after collecting a reported $100 million settlement the first time around.

The couple divorced after five years in 2010. Elin continues to live in North Palm Beach, not far from Tiger’s palatial home. The two have reportedly even started having sex again.

Sounds way too good to be true.