minaj-carey-americanidolMariah Carey’s much ballyhooed “American Idol” feud with Nicki Minaj appears to have been way over-hyped by the show if not totally faked, judging by the interaction of judges at Wednesday’s show.

A widely circulated video of Minaj’s now infamous meltdown was “leaked” last summer. The rapper clearly appeared to be going off on Carey.

The back-story that also circulated was that the two divas were jealous of each other and feuding over their opinions about contestants. The footage clearly focused on them.

But in the background, Judge Randy Jackson could be seen on his feet; the reason why was revealed on Wednesday’s show. Minaj was initially directing her animus at him, not Carey, who was caught in the middle with judge Keith Urban.

As the dispute evolved, Nicki’s anger shifted to her in a profanity-laced tirade.

The outburst occurred during the Charlotte, N.C. auditions, taped portions of which aired on yesterday evening. Judges Carey, Urban and Jackson were trying to encourage contestant Summer Robins to consider positioning herself as a country artist, according to the HuffingtonPost.

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Nicki questioned why the judges were trying to box Summer into a specific genre. Jackson tried to pull rank, noting he had 30 years of experience in the business. Ouch! Nicki took that as a slight on her experience.

“Oh, you’re right. I’m sorry. I can’t help her,” she shot back. “Maybe I should just get off the f*cking panel!”

That started the ball rolling. But the video of Nicki’s face-off with Mariah, which leaked over the summer, did not make the show.

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Minaj’s now infamous meltdown at co-judge Carey may be just what the producers hoped for to add spark to the show. But the crass manipulation by producers of what happened during taping is beyond the pale.

“American Idol” has already set a number of new lows this season, but this is by far the worst. And, they call this a reality show?

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