woods-vonn-frontTiger Woods has been linked with pro skier Lindsay Vonn. While he’s always had an eye for blondes, the latest reports may say more about the life-cycle of an Internet rumor than Woods’ actual dating habits.

Vonn’s publicist, Lewis Kay, quickly issued a statement, today, suggesting, without really saying, that the rumor was unfounded.

One thing is certain, Vonn, 28, is away skiing in Europe, and Woods, 37, is playing a tournament in San Diego. So nothing will be resolved until they are at least on the same continent again.

What Lewis Kay had to say: “Lindsey is currently in the midst of the World Cup season in Europe. Her focus is solely on competing and on defending her titles, and thus, she will not participate in any speculation surrounding her personal life at this time.”

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So how did the rumor get started? It first surfaced in trash tabloid Star magazine. Citing always “anonymous sources,” the magazine claimed Woods went to Austria to watch Vonn compete and vacationed with her in Antigua.

The publication has a reputation for shoddy journalism. Even so, outlets like the New York Daily News to jump on the story, basically repeating the Star’s account without question.

The story has twice the legs of most rumors because it had a celebrity and a sports angle. Other credible outlets from USAToday to CBSNews also went with a speculative story as did numerous sports outlets. But they quoted the Daily News rather than The Star.

In the end, however, nothing more than Vonn’s resemblance to Tiger’s ex-wife Elin Nordegrin and the golfer’s eye for blondes held the story together. And, that’s not much.

The Olympic medalist just ended her marriage to fellow skier Thomas Vonn. They married in 2007 and wrapped up their divorce this month. So she’s back on the market.

Vonn is statuesque at five-feet, ten-inches tall, just shy of Tiger’s height of six-feet one-inch. In heels she’ll tower over him.

Woods’ marriage ended in a tabloid scandal three years ago when wife Elin confronted him over text messages she found in his phone. They were from New York party girl Rachel Uchitel, who turned out to be one of more than a dozen mistresses.

Another report that surfaced last week claimed that Woods was trying to win back his ex-wife with a promise of $200 million if he cheated on her again.

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