Justin Bieber is caught up… ahem, in yet another controversy. Did he grope a young fan’s breast during a meet-and-greet when he leaned in to give her a kiss? A photo posted online sure looks like it, although his reps are heatedly denying it.

The fan, identified only as “Jocelyn” on Twitter, posted the photo after sneaking into one of Justin’s “meet & greet” sessions after a concert in Miami.

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She had a big laugh about it with her friends and other fans in various Tweets, but a local radio station pick up on the controversy and the photo went viral on the Internet with the speed of light.

“Hahaha my friend just called me to tell me the radio station was talking about me & post my picture & told everyone too check it out xD” Jocelyn wrote on the social networking site.

“hands down, the BEST meet and greet picture ever,” another fan tweeted.

“@JocelynnBieber he got your boob ;) btw you are so pretty! And lucky! Jshwhsjg ! Congrats sis. xx,” wrote another.

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So did Justin grope her inappropriately? It’s not really clear.

A rep for the singer heatedly denied Bieber stopped short on the fan. “That definitely did not happen; He was pulling away from her,” the rep told E! NewsMarc Malkin.

Jocelyn is a die-hard Bieber fan, but that hasn’t stopped other Beliebers from flaming her. A number of fans claimed she asked him to touch her or somehow set him up. But Jocelyn denied that was the case.

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“people can think what they want but I know what really happened & Justin does too so everyone else’s opinions don’t matter to me,” she tweeted at one point in the controversy.

“lol I didn’t ask him though…..” she added.

In other comments before the controversy blew up she seemed to imply that it only looks that way in the photo.

“I whispered that it was my 2nd time sneaking in & he kissed me on the cheek in the picture & it looks like his hand is there,” she wrote, implying, maybe, that it wasn’t.

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And, one of her first comments about the incident made no mention of her boob at all. “I JUST MET JUSTIN AND HE KISSED ME ON THE CHEEK AND IM GOING TO CRY,” she Tweeted.

So, for the moment, chalk the incident up to one more day in the life of a teen pop superstar.

“alot of bs has been out there lately…seems like it never stops. answering for myself thru music.” Justin tweeted, in his only response so far.

It could be worse. The last time the Bieb’s was accused of hanky-panky at a concert a baby was the result.

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