Brad Pitt flees zombies with his wife and kids in World War Z.

Brad Pitt flees zombies with his wife and kids in World War Z.

Brad Pitt will be making an appearance at the Super Bowl in a new 30-second commercial his epic sci-fi movie “World War Z.” In case you didn’t know the “z” stands for zombies and the overrun the world.

The full trailer was released last November and there’s not much new to see in the commercial.

But it’s presence during the big game, where advertising time doesn’t come cheap, suggests that Paramount is making a major push to get people into theaters. The film will debut during summer blockbuster season in June.

The film was originally slated for release last December, but production delays and reported falling out between Pitt and director Marc Forster over post-production issues, pushed back the release.

Like all sci-fi, horror action flicks the proof is in the special effects, and “World War Z” has plenty of those. The movie seems visually stunning, if zombies swarming like ants over New York City qualifies.

The 30-second spot opens with Pitt in a car with his family, stuck in New York City traffic, when a cop on a motorcycle clips his mirror rushing the wrong way up the street. Dutiful dad gets out to inspect, then all hell breaks loose.

Pitt plays a United Nations researcher who is trying to solve the mystery of the zombie outbreak. Mireille Enos plays his wife Karin, and James Badge Dale plays a soldier who tries to warn everyone about the zombies. Of course, no one listens.

Footnote: This is Pitt’s first film after a major interview last year where he said he planned to scale back his career and do only “meaningful” films.

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