KylieJennerKylie Jenner, the 15-year-old half-sister of Kim Kardashian, needs to be clued in about the family public relations machine. She took a bite out of tabloids for printing “rumors” about her family that likely family members planted themselves.

Jenner was particularly upset about reports that someone besides dad Bruce Jenner is her father and repeated rumors about marital strife with momager Kris Jenner.

It seems like Kylie is old enough, now, for someone to clue her in; most of the drama is made up to keep the Kardashian brand in the spotlight and to generate publicity for their reality shows.

Or maybe, she’s already had that conversation with her mother, along with the birds and the bees. This could be her first attempt to generate tabloid drama on her own.

It’s almost impossible to tell with the Kardashians. Is she complaining about real life family drama or reality television drama? The two are distinctly different.

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In any event, she took to Twitter to do some tabloid bashing. “It sickens me how editors of a magazine can proudly write a story denying that a 15-year-old’s father is actually hers,” Kylie wrote (punctuation added).

“Yes, my father is my father and no my parents aren’t getting a divorce,” she continued. “You guys can’t believe any of these magazines.. It’s all bullsh*t.”

Now just a minute, young lady. In defense of the tabloids, you don’t look anything like sister Kendall, or half-sisters Khloe, Kourtney or Kim. But, hey, who’s to say who’s your daddy, short of a DNA test or your mom’s future tell-all book?

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In the end, Kyllie gets all sanctimonious, claiming her outburst is really for “the other teens my age.” She could have added, teens who live with parents and siblings who put their lives on display on television. But no…

“We all get cyberbullied unfortunately, some more than others.. i see at least 20 mean things said about me a day and continue to be happy,” she Tweeted.

“We’ve gotta stop this, thats all I’m saying,” she added.

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Wait, Kylie are you crazy? No one really believes the Kardashian tabloid drama, either. It’s all part of the marketing plan. Without it, who would watch the family’s real, boring lives on television? The tabs are only playing along, wink, wink. Get it?

So get with the program, Kylie, if you aren’t already with the program. And, if you are, nice job! Can’t wait to see the next episode of KUWTK.

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