katrina-darling-frontKate Middleton’s randy second cousin, Katrina Darling, would make Prince Harry proud. She strips down in the latest issue of British lad magazine Loaded, wearing black lingerie and doing her best Marilyn Monroe impression.

Darling has never met her royal cousin and it was just be chance that she discovered she was distantly related. But she’s making the most of it.

The 22-year-old burlesque dancer’s career has mushroomed since the connection was discovered. She’s graduated from dancing in seedy clubs to hot spreads in publications like last September’s Playboy. She also shows the the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

Kate was photographed sunbathing topless last summer in France, oblivious to the fact that she could be seen from a nearby road and a public area next to the estate of a royal relative.

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Prince Harry also had his turn in the tabloids after he was photographed nude with a naked woman playing “strip pool” at a crowded party in Las Vegas.

Katrina merely makes a living out of getting naked, and a pretty good one, too. She reportedly collects a mid-six-figure fee for posing these days. She also provides some unique perspective on the royal family.

While they have more than a few things in common, especially raunchy parties, Katrina was cool to Prince Harry. She doesn’t find him particularly attractive and would not necessarily want to check him out below the waist.

But she’s much more sympathetic to Kate. She believes the Duchess of Cambridge got a raw deal from the tabloids that published her topless photos.

“She was on private land and comfortable being in her own skin. I don’t think she should be scrutinized for being comfortable in her own skin,” she said.

Darling would know, since she spends a lot of time in her own skin. “I don’t feel undressed when I’m not wearing clothes. I feel very comfortable,” she said.

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