stewart-pattinson-casualRobert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart may be solid or may be shaky, but rest assured the latest tabloid reports are just more clueless drivel, despite claims to have information from “inside sources.”

Rob and Kristen have become tabloid punching bags largely because they refuse to address rumors and, frankly, made-up stories about them that appear regularly in tabloid magazines and websites.

In one issue the marriage is on and a baby is on the way. In the next issue, they’re drifting apart and heading for a breakup. There’s an obvious reason for the see-sawing drama; it preys ruthlessly on fan emotions.

While Rob and Kristen have chosen to never address tabloid rumors, they are also leaving their fans in the lurch. They’re the ones ultimately exploited by these reports. For the sake of their fans, they should hire a pr agent to stamp out these ridiculous reports like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie often do.

The latest report from an always anonymous “source close to the actress” claims that the “Twilight” couple is on the skids because Kristen believes Rob is no longer “committed to dating her.”

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Descend Into Tabloid Hell, Again

Why? Would you believe it’s because he’s in Australia working? When the two are apart, the tabloids start speculating and that’s usually when the break-up stories start to appear. Or Stewart is writing love-lorn letters as one of the trashier tabloid sites claimed.

Another recent tabloid report claimed that Kristen has reached out to her ex-lover Rupert Sanders because, well, “Kristen was feeling low – the lowest she’s ever felt – when Rob flew to Australia. She doesn’t have a huge circle of friends. Rob was the closest person to her.” another so-called source claim.

Wait, don’t these “sources” talk to each other? If they’re both on the “inside” wouldn’t they be sharing the same information? And, would any of Rob’s and Kristen’s true friends really be dishing dirt to the tabloids?

Robert Pattinson’s Mystery Aussie Blonde Identity Revealed (photo)

The tabloids declared open season on the couple after Stewart’s cheating scandal last summer with the “Snow White and the Huntsman” director. Now anything goes, and they know that neither Rob nor Kristen will challenge their reports. For the sake of their fans, they should.

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