Kim Kardashian not only started dressing like a hooker after she started dating rapper Kanye West, but she appears to have embraced rap’s gun culture. She flashed a piece on Twitter over the weekend, sparking outrage because she’d previously pledged to oppose gun violence.

Kardashan, 32, tweeted a photos of a jewel-encrusted revolver with a gold-plated bullet chamber in a photo that clearly glorified handguns.

The photo might not have caused that much of an uproar if she were a rapper. Nearly every major rap artist going back to Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls have posed with all kinds of deadly weapons.

Tupac and Biggie were both murdered with handguns in drive-by shootings, but that hasn’t stopped the glorification of guns among younger rappers.

Everyone from Lil’ Wayne to Chris Brown and Chief Keef have been photographed looking menacing with a gun.

But Kardashian only a month ago urged her 17 million Twitter followers to sign a pledge opposing gun violence shortly after the slaughter of 20 children and six teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

“Today, people in Newtown are making the #sandyhookpromise to reduce gun violence. Sign the pledge with me,” she wrote.

“Kim Kardashian is quite dense, isn’t she? Pledging to support the gun control movement and then uploading pictures of designer handguns…” wrote one critic.

Kim has been dallying with guns ever since she started dating West. Last June she tweeted a photo of an automatic with an Yves St. Laurent designer handle, with the caption, “bang, bang.”

Hardly seems appropriate for a mother-to-be, but guns are an integral part of her world now. Singer Frank Ocean claimed that rapper Chris Brown threatened to shoot him during a brawl over a parking spot a week ago.

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