Lindsay Lohan at the amFAR gala at New York Fashion Week.

Lindsay Lohan at the amFAR gala at New York Fashion Week.

Lindsay Lohan and mother, Dina Lohan might be counting the days until they are homeless. The Long Island home the hot mess star shares with her family is facing foreclosure.

Lindsay’s wild gallivanting, run-ins with the law and inability to find steady work have depleted her bank account and left her hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.

One of her biggest creditors is Uncle Sam. The government froze her bank accounts in December because of an outstanding six-figure tax bill.

Actor Charlie Sheen cut her a check for $100,000 to cover some of the debt, but still owes $130,000 in back taxes.

She’s also deep in hock to her former lawyer Shawn Holley, who is owed an estimated $150,000 in legal fees.

Lindsay was forced to move out of the 2,500-square-foot Beverly Hills home because she could no longer afford the $8,000 per month in rent.

She moved back to Long Island, but now the home where she grew up is facing an auction because her mother can’t pay the property’s $422,723 mortgage, The New York Post reported.

Lindsay reportedly gave her mother $40,000 last year to stop Chase Bank from foreclosing. Dina reportedly frittered away much of the money on other things, according to some reports.

She reportedly made about $1.5 million last year from her Playboy pictorial, her Lifetime movie “Liz & Dick” and her appearance in “Scary Movie 5,” with Sheen. Where the money went is anyone’s guess.

“Lindsay is flat-out broke and can’t even afford to rent a two-bedroom apartment in North Hollywood,” a source told gossip site radaronline. For the moment, the actress is getting by with the help of some friends.

She reportedly is staying in a posh penthouse apartment in Manhattan’s trendy SoHo neighborhood. The apartment was once owned by rocker Courtney Love, who sold it a few years ago for a reported $6 million.

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