Justin Bieber plays the president of Miley's fanclub on Saturday Night Live.

Justin Bieber plays the president of Miley’s fanclub on Saturday Night Live.

Justin Bieber the singer was much better than Justin Bieber the budding actor on “Saturday Night Live.” His opening monologue was solid but he wasn’t much more than an extra in his skits, all of which were overacted by the bombastic cast.

Bieber has talked about wanting to go into acting, but it was clear he wasn’t taking any chances with his already fragile image and neither was the cast.

Sure they poked fun at his effeminate looks and uncanny resemblance to Ellen DeGeneres. But the writers didn’t go near the real butt of Bieber humor, his hip-hop posing and his punk-ass attitude toward his fans and ever-present paparazzi.

How many celebrities have flipped off fans and gotten away with it? Or lose their cool with them in airports?

Justin Bieber on SNL, Funny or Not?

And, what about the time he smacked a 12-year-old during a paint-ball game? A skit about Justin’s notoriously bad driving, or fighting with the paparazzi would have been a riot.

But, hey, this is network television and SNL has become notoriously delicate in its golden years; it’s not about to offend anyone. Ok, maybe Sarah Palin, but Tina Fey wrote that part.

In his best skit, Bieber played the polite, well-mannered college boyfriend visiting his girlfriend’s parents for the first time. But the scene was all about Taran Killam. He gave an over-the-top performance as the histrionic loser brother. Wow, why didn’t Bieber get that part?

It was up to Bieber to finally poke some fun at himself in recurring skit the Miley Cyrus Show. Vanessa Bayer as Miley over-powered the scene.

Jason Sudeikis was hilarious as dad, Billy Ray Cyrus and Killam provoked laughs without uttering a word, just by raising an eyebrow. He played Liam Hemsworth during a dream wedding sequence.

Bieber played a zealous Miley fan, who hates…Justin Bieber.

During the skit he takes some shots at himself, but not really. “Miley you’re seriously my favorite singer of all time. You’re light years better than that douche Justin Bieber,” he says.

“You know, Justin’s my buddy,” Miley replies.

You’re kidding me right!” he counters. “He looks like a lesbian. I heard he still has his baby teeth. I also heard he got busted for smoking weed, and he’s really sorry about it, and people make mistakes, and he’s never going to do it again,” he added.

Yeah, right, me too!” Miley said.

In reality Bieber hasn’t formally apologized for being photographed smoking pot. As such, some reports have interpreted his dialogue as a mea culpa. But you can be the judge of that.

Was Justin’s appearance a bust? Not really. He did well enough, but it would have been better if he was more than just window dressing in most of the skits. Check them, and let us know your thoughts.