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Chris Brown Grudge: Disses Frank Ocean After Grammy Win

Chris Brown Grudge: Disses Frank Ocean After Grammy Win 1

Frank Ocean take the stage after his Grammy win, while Chris Brown remains seated. Adele glares at him in this screen shot.

Chris Brown showed again at last night’s Grammys that he still has a lot to learn about controlling his feelings. He remained seated as Frank Ocean received a standing ovation for his first ever Grammy for Best Urban Contemporary Album.

The incredible scene was televised. Brown, who was competing in the same category, could clearly be seen seated to the millions of viewers tuning in to the show.

Only three weeks ago, Brown, 23, and Ocean, 25, had a run-in over a parking space at a Los Angeles recording studio.

Ocean said Brown and his crew started the fight and that Brown threw the first punch. Brown claim Ocean’s bodyguards were the first to get physical.

But Brown was photographed soon after the fight wearing a cast on his right hand.

Adele has words with Chris Brown after Frank Ocean snub.

In any event, Brown fled the scene while Ocean called the police. Ocean later said he declined to press charges and just wanted to forget the matter. But Brown obviously couldn’t let it go.

The R&B singer caused a spectacle for those seated around him. UK singer Adele, who was seated nearby, reportedly had words with him over his bad behavior, according to London’s Daily Mail.

After Ocean finished his acceptance speech, Adele got up and walked over to Brown. It’s unknown what words were exchanged, but she looked stern and refused to take his hand when offered. Later, however, they posed for photos together.

Ocean also performed his hit song “Forrest Gump” from his Grammy winning album Channel Orange.

Despite going empty handed for the night, Brown had a coming out party of his own. He and Rihanna sat together and posed affectionately for cameras. It seems clear, however, that the singer still has a lot to learn about controlling his emotions.

Check out Brown’s snub in the first video below. It comes it at around 11 seconds. Also watch Ocean’s performance.

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