libertyross-thinlyveiledLiberty Ross, who split from husband Rupert Sanders after his affair last summer with Kristen Stewart, appears in a new trailer for “Thinly Veiled,” which eerily parallels her real life.

Ross wields a knife in the movie to exact revenge against a “home wrecker.” No, it’s not Stewart, who was photographed with Sanders’ face jammed in her breasts during a public tryst.

But themes in the movie about fast living in New York City eerily parallel her own affair, even though it was shot before the scandal. Ross filed for divorce last month after attempts to reconcile with Sanders failed. She cited “irreconcilable differences.”

Ross was recently linked with music mogul Jimmy Iovine, who heads Interscope-Geffen Records, a label owned by Universal Music. They reportedly introduced by a mutual friend in Los Angeles.

If the union is true it must be a sight. Iovine is twice her age and half her height.

In the movie, she plays a scorned wife who seeks revenge on the woman who wrecks her marriage. The film was released on DVD last month, but will get a limited screening in New York City in March.

According to its website, the film “takes an uncompromising look into the lives of a diverse group of people in New York City.”

“As the title implies there is more than meets the eye and there are no simple explanations in this carefully nuanced observation of contemporary life. From the heights of a Soho Penthouse to the hogwash of a Queens Laundromat, nobody is completely innocent.”

Following a brief split after the affair, Stewart also reconciled with boyfriend of four years Robert Pattinson. They are still a couple although tabloids are filled with rumors on a weekly basis about breakups and makeups.

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