Chris Brown and Rihanna during better times at the 2013 Grammys.

Chris Brown and Rihanna during better times at the 2013 Grammys.

Rihanna’s quest for a meaningful relationship with Chris Brown has apparently hit a rough patch. Fortunately no punches were thrown, which is a far cry from their breakup in 2009, when Brown beat her senseless on the eve of the Grammy Awards.

The couple apparently stunned onlookers at the Playhouse Nightclub in Los Angeles Wednesday night, when they sat at opposite ends of the room and refused to acknowledge each other.

They not only arrived separately, but also left separately, according to London’s Daily Mail, citing a source. Rihanna, 24, reportedly had no clue her supposed boyfriend would be there, the source said.

The popular nightspot was hosting clothing brand Popular Demand’s one year anniversary. When Rihanna arrived she was reportedly asked by the VIP hostess if she wanted to sit with Brown. But the Barbadian singer had no idea he was there.

Brown had arrived with a huge entourage estimated to be around 20 people about a half hour earlier. Rihanna demanded to be seated somewhere else and the two never talked.

Brown left the club around 2:15am in a metallic grey Lamborghini, wearing his hoodie over his baseball cap, according to the Mail. Rihanna left around 3am.

Rihanna and Brown reconciled last year after the two collaborated on remixes of their respective songs. Rihanna confessed in August to Oprah that he was still her one true love and last weekend at the Grammy’s they appeared to have come full circle from her horrible beat down in 2009.

“I truly love him,” she said in her eye-opening interview. “I’m not at peace if he is unhappy or he is still lonely. I care. It actually matters that he finds peace.”

The two put on a public display of affection at the Grammys last weekend that signaled they were officially back together. But as TheImproper reported last September, Rihanna was merely exhibiting a variation of the Stockholm syndrome often seen in victims of domestic abuse.

She has rationalized his behavior and empathized with him, even though he hasn’t changed. Her relationship cost her the friendship she had with singer Katy Perry, who refused to sit with her at the Grammys. Hopefully the singer will stop chasing smoke, and move on before she’s hurt again.