ChrisBrown-Home-frontChris Brown’s immense talent has brought all the entitlement a successful music artist could ask for, yet in ‘Home’ he longs for the simpler times before he was famous. WTF? It hasn’t been all easy for Breezy.

Of course, he’s brought most of his problems down on himself, thanks in large part to explosive temper.

At 23, it’s hard to say whether he’ll blow up his career, or mature into a true mega-star. He’s facing a serious probation violation over allegedly falsifying his community service work stemming from his conviction for assaulting Rihanna.

He’s unlikely to get jail time; most celebrities don’t in California’s overcrowded prison system. But given recent run-ins with Drake and Frank Ocean, he still hasn’t tamed his temper.

Still, it’s been a hell of a ride, so far, and the video provides a glimpse inside his life. Filmed mainly during his Carpe Diem Tour overseas, the video highlights his explosive success and his considerable talent.

But the lyrics suggest Brown is weary from the constant demands on his new life and the number of people with their hands out.

Got all this money calling me
How the f*ck I’ma turn it down
And I did f*cked around and bought too many cars now
Baby I guess that I’m a superstar now
But I wish that I could go back
‘Cause that money don’t mean a thing when
Everybody changing

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