Robert Pattinson gives a shoutout to fans in Australia.

Robert Pattinson gives a shoutout to fans in Australia.

Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce, who are busy in the South Australia desert shooting their film “The Rover” gave a shout out to their Aussie fans attending Tropfest 2013, an international short-film festival.

Tropfest has been held for the past 21 years to showcase talented Australian filmmakers who compete at the festival with short films. Sixteen finalists showed films to the largest audience in Tropfest’s history, according to the festival’s website.

Venues this year include Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Wollongong, Perth, Surfers Paradise and Hobart. The films are also shown on Australian television.

The message from Rob and Guy was short but sincere, given the fact that their shooting schedule has been busy and the weather in South Australia is blistering hot. As always, Rob flashed some self-deprecating humor.

“Hi everybody at Tropfest, I’m Guy Pearce,” the English-born Australian actor started off.

“I’m Rob Pattinson,” said the hunky “Twilight” actor, as he swatted away a pestering insect.

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“Have a good night,” Pearce interjected, causing Rob to burst out laughing. “Am I to continue?” Rob said.

“I think you are,” Pearce replied.

A sense of humor is probably needed in Australia’s harsh Flinders Ranges, the highest mountains on the continent. The region has been going through an unprecedented heat wave. Even so Rob wore a knit cap for the interview and a black tee-shirt with a “Bad Religion” logo, a reference to a ’70s-era punk band.

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Pattinson and Pearce have been filming some tough action scenes for the movie. They were spotted near Quorn, a coastal town, and Bruce, a virtual ghost town. The closest major town is Adelaide. They staged a fight scene along the road among other shots.

The movie takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where simple possessions like a car can mean life or death. Pearce plays Eric whose car is stolen by a gang of thieves that includes Rob’s character Reynolds. After Reynolds is left behind by the gang, Eric forces him to help retrieve his car.

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