A bulked up looking Oscar Pistorius at the 2012 London Olympics.

A bulked up looking Oscar Pistorius at the 2012 London Olympics.

Olympian Oscar Pistorius’ could have been in a “‘roid rage” when he gunned down girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in a Valentine’s Day shooting at his luxury home, according to new information uncovered in the alleged murder investigation.

Steroids were reportedly found at the internationally known athlete’s South African home where Steenkamp, 29, was allegedly beaten and shot.

Steroids and alcohol are considered a particularly explosive combination, and police reportedly found evidence that Pistorius had been drinking heavily as well.

If Pistorius was using steroids, it could call into question his outstanding performance at the 2012 Olympic games. He became the first paraplegic to compete in the able-bodied games by using special carbon-fiber “feet” or blades, hence his nickname “The Blade Runner.”

Pistorius was a semi-finalist in the 400-member sprint and a finalist on the 4×100 meter relay race.

Anabolic androgenic steroids, or synthetic testosterone, can cause a loss of impulse control, triggering overreactions that wouldn’t normally occur without interaction by the drug. it can also trigger other hidden psychological problems.

But not everyone is affected the same way, according to medical references, and the science on their effects is still sketchy.

Fifty men participated in a research project where they were injected with steroids for six weeks. Of those, 42 said the felt no real change, six became more irritable and two became aggressive. One had to drop out after he became hyper-aggressive.

If Steenkamp discovered or learned of the steroids, it may also supply a motive for what prosecutors charge was a premeditated murder. Steenkamp was shot four times and may have been beaten with a cricket bat, either before or after she was shot. Pistorius may have feared she would expose him.

The drug could also provide a defense, if Pistorius can convince a judge he was under the influence of the drug an alcohol and could not control his behavior.