Miley Cyrus up in smoke!

Miley Cyrus up in smoke!

Miley Cyrus got busted once taking hits from a bong; this time she’s flying her freak flag herself. She posted a photo online smoking a huge blunt in a swirl of marijuana smoke. “High as fvck,” she wrote in the caption. WTF?

Cyrus, who turned 20 in November, has been ramping up her edginess with a punk haircut and daring fashions. But now she’s moving into Rihanna territory.

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The Barbadian singer has been music’s ganga queen, regularly posting photos of herself smoking big blunts. For her birthday, she received a huge bouquet of marijuana buds. “Roses are green!” she tweeted.

Now Miley is staking her own claim to marijuana royalty by openly declaring her use of the drug, which is still illegal across the country, despite increasingly liberal attitudes about it. It takes a doctor’s prescription to use it legally, but only in some states.

Miley has apparently be dabbling in drugs for some time. At her 18th birthday party in 2010, she was videoed taking hits from a water pipe, known in drug parlance as a bong.

She denied she was smoking pot, although several Hollywood celebrities, notably Mila Kunis, openly doubted her. Instead the substance was described as Salvia, a natural herb with mild psychedelic effects. “I want more of that s—,” Miley can be heard laughing.

The episode earned Miley the title, “worst role model of the year” in an AOL poll of nine to 15-year-old girls.

At her 19th birthday party last year, friends including Kelly Osbourne, gave Miley a cake emblazoned with late Rastafarian Bob Marley.

“You know you’re a stoner when your friends make you a Bob Marley cake,” Miley blurted out over a loudspeaker system. “You know you smoke way too much fu*king weed.”

No question now. Check out the photo. Click the one above to see it full-size.