milycyrus-nyfashionweekMiley Cyrus claims she did not post a photo of herself in a cloud of marijuana smoke on Instagram because she does not have an account the social networking service. But she’s not arguing the photo isn’t her. So, did someone set her up?

The photo, a tight shot of the subject’s face looks, like it was taken by someone else. But the visible evidence suggests it’s Miley or a very close body double.

One obvious clue is the equal sign on the subject’s right hand finger, which exactly matches Miley’s tattoo. Too obvious? Well the jaw line definitely looks like Miley’s and the hair cut is as close as you can get.

Still, the face is partially obscured by a bright light reflecting off the halo of smoke around her head.

Miley Cyrus Up in Smoke?


The photo purports to be Miley taking a hit off a marijuana blunt. She claims she didn’t post it. Click on the photo to see it supersized in full.

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Miley Cyrus Outdoes Rihanna With Cloud of Pot Smoke (photo!)

The photo was published on an account with the name, “mileyxxcyrus,” with the caption “High as fvck.”

But Miley insists the account is not hers and she is not a subscriber to the social service. Miley’s only response to the photo so far is a Tweet. “I don’t have an Instagram,” she wrote.

Short of a flat out denial, however, the odds are the photo is her, especially given her past experience with pot and drugs in general.

At her 19th birthday party last year, friends including Kelly Osbourne, gave Miley a cake emblazoned with late Rastafarian Bob Marley.

“You know you’re a stoner when your friends make you a Bob Marley cake,” Miley blurted out over a loudspeaker system while she was being videoed. “You know you smoke way too much fu*king weed.” The video later leaked online.

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