Johnny Depp drops in on David Letterman.

Johnny Depp drops in on David Letterman.

Johnny Depp dropped in on David Letterman last night and banged out a tune with musical guest Bill Carter and his group The Blame. Depp says he started out as a musician before focusing on acting.

“Here’s how dumb I am. I didn’t realize that when you wanted to be in show business it was going to be as a musician,” said Letterman. “You are a musician and that’s what you thought you would be.”

Depp revealed that he started back when he was 12-years old by way of Kentucky, South Florida and then Hollywood. Never once thought about acting.

“That’s crazy isn’t it,” said Dave.

Yeah, it is now,” Depp replied.

His band, called The Kids, did some opening acts for Billy Idol, The Pretenders and The Ramones. Depp said he fell into acting to meet the bills.

“I was dead broke and I was filling out job applications, well anything, video stores, coffee joints and a friend of mine who happened to be an actor, Nicholas Cage… sent me to his agent,” he said.

Cage sent him to his agent and Depp landed a part in “Nightmare on Elm Street,” a 1984 slasher film. Depp got a credit for his role as high school student Glen Lantz, who has tormenting dreams about a man who turns out to be slasher Freddy Krueger.

Deep also talked about his latest film “The Lone Ranger,” with Armie Hammer and the difficulties he had riding horses for the film.

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