Selena Gomez puffs on a cigarette during Spring Break scene.

Selena Gomez puffs on a cigarette during Spring Breakers scene.

Selena Gomez descends into a dark world of crime, corruption and drugs with cast mates Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine in a new Spring Breakers red band trailer intended only for Portuguese markets, like Brazil. But you can see it here.

The movie, written and directed by Harmony Korine, has a dark side that only now is being revealed in new promo trailers ahead of the film’s March release date.

Along with graphic scenes of violence, the film is laced with drug use, sexual situations and nudity–not exactly Selena’s typical film. The new red band trailer, so named because it includes “R” rated scenes, focuses on the film’s violence. It’s subtitled in Portuguese.

The two-minute clip opens with James Franco’s character, Alien, a part-time rapper and drug dealer creeping up to a door with an automatic pistol in a dimly lit hallway.

Then, it cuts to a different scene where the character explains himself. “Some kids want to grow up to be president. Some kids wanna be a doctor; I just wanted to be bad,” he says. The video cuts to another scene where he’s outside holding a handgun to his face.

The video quickly flashes to the girls cursing, waving guns around and smashing things during their violent restaurant holdup. The trailer is all about Alien’s seduction of the girls with his flashy cash and fast life. Then, it seems the girls turn the tables on him.

In the movie, Selena smokes, drinks and does drugs; hey, just like Miley Cyrus in real life! A photo is also circulating the web that purports to be Vanessa Hudgens’ character in the movie snorting a line of coke off a topless woman’s chest.

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