Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Pistorius almost certainly beat girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp with a cricket bat either before or after he shot her, according to relatives who saw her body. They said her skull had been crushed and her body was riddled with bullet holes.

Pistorius, meanwhile, is in hiding after he was freed on bail last week. He is believed to be staying with friends and family at an undisclosed location.

The case has see-sawed between startling revelations and doubts about the prosecution’s case since the Olmypic athlete was arrested on Valentine’s Day. Steenkamp was found dead in his home. Pistorius has maintained that the shooting was accidental.

The cricket bat is one of the wild cards in the case. Steenkamp’s realtionship with Pistorius leading up to the murder is another.

Pistorius claimed in court papers he used it to breakdown the door to the bathroom where Steenkamp had fled. Pistorius said he thought an intruder was in there when he fired four shots through the door.

But police today (Feb. 24) reportedly told Steenkamp’s family that Pistorius used the bat to batter the 29-year-old model, according to London newspapers. The bloodstained bat is being examined by forensic experts for evidence.

South Africa’s top detective Lieutenant General Vinesh Moonoo is now in charge of the investigation. Previous investigator Hilton Botha was forced to step down after murder charges were reinstated against him for an unrelated incident involving a police shooting.

Botha’s bungling in the case help Pistorius obtain bail last week. Defense lawyers were able to poke holes in the prosecution’s case and convince a judge that the athlete’s story also conformed to the facts.

But since then new information has surfaced regarding Pistorius’ realtionship with Steenkamp. He allegedly subjected her to “intense emotional pressure” in the early days of the relationship, causing her best friend’s father to warm him to “back off,” according to London’s Telegraph newspaper.

Pistorius “would not leave her alone” after they started dating, said the father Cyril Myers. “He kept pestering her, phoning and phoning and phoning her. Oscar was hasty and impatient and very moody – that’s my impression of him,” he said.

“She told me he pushed her a bit into a corner. She felt caged in. I told her I would talk to him. I told him not to force himself on her. Back off,” he said.

Steenkamp lived with Myers, his wife Desi and the couple’s daughter Kim, while she was in Johannesburg last September.

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