Anne Hathaway: Pokies or just puckered fabric?

Anne Hathaway: Pokies or just puckered fabric?

Anne Hathaway was upstaged once again by her dress. The Internet buzzed about her Prada Oscars gown and whether her nipples were, or were not clearly outlined, beneath her halter top.

The 30-year-old actress, who won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, had a similar, although slight more revealing wardrobe fail at a “Les Misérables” premiere in December.

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She wore a gorgeous Tom Ford gown, infamously without panties, and flashed her crotch at the premiere as she got out of her car.

Actor Russell Crowe, who co-starred with Hathaway in “Les Misérables” poked (ahem no pun intended, well maybe) fun at her while on stage at the the Costume Designers Guild Awards earlier this week.

“It was obviously an unfortunate incident,” Hathaway said after the photos were published.

“It kind of made me sad on two accounts. One was that I was very sad that we live in an age when someone takes a picture of another person in a vulnerable moment and rather than delete it, and do the decent thing, sells it. And I’m sorry that we live in a culture that commodifies sexuality of unwilling participants,” she said.

She drew a parallel to her character Fantine in the film, who was forced to turn to prostitution to survive.

But what was her excuse this time? Anne was clearly not wearing a bra.

The Prada gown was far from the most revealing dress she has ever worn, but the Internet lit up with speculation over how much she was exposing. One cheesy tabloid claimed the Prada dress “completely revealed her breasts.”

Actually, it was hard to tell whether her breasts were outlined under the dress or whether it was just the way the fabric puckered from darts sown into the design. Apparently, it’s all in the eye of the beholder.

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