Lindsay Lohan's whole life has been about getting over. Why change now?

Lindsay Lohan’s whole life has been about getting over. Why change now?

Lindsay Lohan apparently has convinced prosecutors that she is the desperate child of a broken, dysfunctional family and wheedled one last chance to straighten out short of a jail sentence. But at this stage of the game, what’s the point?

She talks about a comeback but pretty soon she won’t have anything to comeback with.

Her looks are fast fading, whatever magic she had as a child actress is gone, she’s flat broke and can’t control herself despite multiple attempts by the judicial system to rein her in.

And, she’s turning 27 this year, the tragic age when so many celebrities, from Jimi Hendrix to Janis Joplin to Amy Winehouse turned up dead from their own excesses.

Say what you will about her new lawyer Mark Heller, he took an extraordinary step when he wrote a personal appeal to the prosecutors. In a move that skirted judicial propriety, he begged for help to “fix” Lindsay.

He came close to being held in contempt by the presiding judge, but his ploy worked. The question is did he do more harm than good?

Lindsay’s huge early success as a child actress and two totally irresponsible, narcissistic parents have given her such a strong sense of entitlement, she’s unlikely to change at any point in her life short of killing someone, or herself. The latest evidence is Lindsay’s car crash back in June.

She slammed her Porsche into a slow-moving truck and did everything she could to shift blame. First, she said it was the truck driver’s fault. Then, she tried to claim she wasn’t driving. Both proved false. Now it turns out police thought she “smelled of alcohol” after the crash, according to TMZ.

After all the trouble she’s had since her 2007 drunk driving arrest, the one thing she wouldn’t do is drink and drive. Instead she racked up serious charges, including reckless driving, lying to police and obstructing justice.

If that’s not evidence of narcissistic, impulsive, self-destructive behavior what is?

As the deal now stands, Lindsay would spend 60-days in a residential rehab facility. But she’s played that game before– six times to be exact– and easily manipulated the system.

The Santa Monica City Attorney has also thrown in some community service and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. But in a bizarre twist, he’s agreed to allow her to do that part of her sentence in New York. Hello, Chris Brown?

Lindsay is reportedly undergoing extensive psychiatric therapy to overcome her family issues. Heller has taken it on himself to see that she changes this time. But in the end, he may be just one more enabler.

It may not be the best for Lindsay to serve a respectable stretch in jail or in an institution. But society would at least be spared another great American tragedy.