Kristen Stewart gets ready to rumble in Breaking Dawn arm wrestling scene.

Kristen Stewart gets ready to rumble in Breaking Dawn arm wrestling scene.

Kristen Stewart showed off her vampire strength as Bella Swan in an arm wrestling scene with Emmett Cullen, played by muscular Kellan Lutz. Now a newly released video makes takes you on set as the scene is shot.

Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen beams in the background as newly minted vampire Bella agrees to a friendly challenge from Emmett to test her strength.

The video, a featurette in the new “Breaking Dawn, Part 2,” DVD and Blu-ray release, is shot from the perspective of someone who is on the set as the scene is shot. It shows the lighting, camera position and the background used in the scene. Rob is there too!

“Twilight” author Stephenie Meyer marvels on the video at how Kristen was able to transform herself once her character became a vampire. “Kristen did such a good job of creating this entirely new character that feels like a new person,” she says. “I was so impressed with her.”

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“Also we worked to bring as much as her to it as possible,” added Director Bill Condon. “For example, when she has that arm-wrestling scene with Emmett there is stuff she does after it where she wins and breaks the rock where she says ‘Did you see that?’ It’s pure Kristen.”

“I left it in just to make sure it wasn’t so far from the part she created and from her,” he said.

Wow, they even let her ad lib lines!

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