lawrence-marijuana-frontJennifer Lawrence capped off an eventful week with a glass of wine and a big fat doobie in Hawaii. Either that or she’s adopted the European style of smoking a hand-rolled cigarette. Nah.. it’s a doobie. Move over Miley Cyrus.

Lawrence’s spectacular week began with the Oscars on Sunday night. She not only won the Best Actress award for her role in Silver Linings Playbook. She charmed the audience with her self-deprecating humor and pratfall on the stage steps.

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Then, the 22-year-ol playfully gave the press the finger at her post-Oscars news conference.

Two days before the Academy Awards, her first photo shoot for Dior was unveiled and she had the honestly to express shock at how much the photos had been digitally altered.

From there, it was back to work. She changed her hair color to brunette and jetted off to Hawaii to shoot additional scenes for sequel “Hunger Games: Catching Fire.”

Lawrence was in her hotel room with the balcony doors open Wednesday (Feb.27) when she was spotted by a paparazzo. she was photographed holding and smoking the suspicious-looking cigarette. She was partying with a female friend at the time and seemed exceedingly chummy.

Jennifer Lawrence Shocked by Her Own Dior Photos (video)

Lawrence eventually drifted out to the balcony with a glass of red wine and a grey blanket to take in the sunset.

Photos of Cyrus have gone viral recently that appear to show her smoking pot as well.

Marijuana is a Schedule I hallucinogenic substance under the Hawaii Uniform Controlled Substances Act and possession is considered a crime. If it’s less than an ounce, the charge is a misdemeanor, punishable by 30 days in jail or a $1,000 fine, according to NORML, which advocates reform of marijuana laws.

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Possessing more than an ounce up to a pound of pot is also a misdemeanor, but the fine is doubled and it could mean up to a year in jail. Any amount over that is a felony, and serious.

First time offenders who have plead or been found guilty of certain possession or distribution charges are eligible for suspended judgment and probation.

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