Justin Bieber salutes his fans.

Justin Bieber salutes his fans.

Justin Bieber was forced to go home early (for once) and not early in the morning after London’s Cirque du Soir security busted up his 19th birthday party and sent the teen sensation skittering back to his hotel for the night.

It wasn’t supposed to end this way. Bieber had invited a slew of friends to the club, including his rumored new girlfriend Ella-Paige Roberts-Clarke, an up-and-coming UK singer.

Bieber threw a circus-themed party (whips and midgets?) at the club and tweeted “big night ahead.” But after the night ended abruptly, the newly minted 19-year-old tweeted: “Worst birthday.”

The details of exactly what went down were unavailable, but E! News reported that a eyewitness said a row between Bieber’s entourage and club security prompted the exodus from the club. Bieber retreated to his hotel, the source said.

Update: Justin Bieber Slams UK Club; Claims His Crew Wasn’t Tossed

Bieber has been burning the candle at both ends during his stay in the United Kingdom. He not only has been seen in steady company with Roberts Clarke, but he’s been taking advantage of England’s lax drinking laws. You have have to be 18 to drink alcohol in the UK.

Following his concert in Birmingham Thursday night (Feb. 28), Bieber returned to London and partied into the early morning at Club BLC. He was seen leaving around 6:30 in the morning.

The Biebs officially turned 19 on today (Mar. 1).

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