Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man; down, but not out.

Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man; down, but not out.

Robert Downey Jr’s character Tony Stark has a major case of obsessive-compulsive disorder as he works his way through an anxiety attack in the new “Iron Man 3” trailer. Who knew Iron Man was a head case?

Apparently Stark has been living a little too long off the juice from that reactor implanted in his chest. He doesn’t know who he really is.

“I’m Tony Stark, I build neat stuff, I got a great girl and occasionally, save the world,” he says in the video’s opening. “So why can’t I sleep?”

He acts more like Richard Lewis than a technological genius.

The next scene is a shot of Stark sitting on the edge of his bed, worrying, worrying, worrying, about everything he has, and who’s going to try to take it away from him next. That would be “The Mandarin,” of course.

“You don’t know who I am. You’ll never see me coming,” the evil villain warns in a creepy voice over.

It’s game on from there, as The Mandarin attacks Stark where it hurts most, his posh Malibu pad and his slinky blonde girlfriend Pepper Pots, played by Gwyneth Paltrow.

“Mr. Stark, today is the first day of what’s left of your life,” the Mandarin says as helicopters swoop in on his beachfront home. As Tony gets battered and beaten The Mandarin offers him a choice.

“Do you want an end to your life, or do you want a meaningful death,” he intones. Doesn’t sound like much of a choice. Besides, Tony has a better idea.

“I’m not afraid of you; no politics here,” he tells assembled reporters. “Just good old fashioned revenge.”

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