robertpattinson-kristenstewart-rioRobert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and other “Breaking Dawn” cast members are hard at work and play in new behind-the-scenes footage from the final two movies in the “Twilight Saga.” The video includes scenes from both parts, including their romantic time in Brazil.

The footage, known as “b-roll,” was shot as scenes were being film, and also includes some casual shots of Rob, Kristen and other cast members hanging out.

It’s almost like someone was on the set taking home movies.

The video opens with a wide shot of Rio de Janeiro scenic harbor and city skyline. Rob and Kristen traveled to Brazil to shoot their honeymoon scenes. The next scene unfolds at the waterfall and grotto where Rob and Kristen, that is Bella and Edward, splashed playfully as a newly married couple.

There’s also a touching scene of Rob and Kristen horsing around and she climbs on his back. Ride that pony! Then it’s back to town for some of the street scenes from Breaking Dawn Part 1.

Kristen is feature in a hot scene where she’s almost undressed. Now you know why so many stars have trouble with on-screen nudity. There are a bunch of production people standing around.

About mid-way through, Mackenzie Foy and Taylor Lautner pop into the picture and there are some cute cuts of Kristen as Bella and Mackenzie as Renesmee. Mackenzie also poses with Taylor.

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One of the coolest scenes took place while the entire cast was shooting the fight scene. Afterward they break out dancing. Who’s that spanking Rob?

It’s a cool clip well worth watching, one of a number of behind the scenes videos that have surfaced online with the DVD and blu-ray release of Breaking Dawn, Part 2. Buy either the DVD or blu-ray from through TheImproper link above.

Check out the video below. The first one to guess the name of the song and the band that sings performs it, wins a free copy of the Breaking Dawn, Part 2 soundtrack CD. Just leave your answer in the comment section below. Only one guess per person (we’ll check IP addresses). Multiple guessers will be disqualified.

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